Gilwell Reunion 2023 – the largest Reunion for 5 year – officially kicked off this evening on The Training Ground. Matt Hyde, CEO for The Scouts, was up first, asking us all to “gather nearer” and use our phone torches to illuminate him, due to the lack of lighting. He reflected on the difficult summer many have had and congratulated Scouts for “making the right decisions, keeping people safe and carrying on”.

Sam Morris, our Camp Chief, was up next, talking us through the exciting programme for the weekend, including the new Inclusion Zone as well as old favourites such as the International Zone. He was quickly followed by Ayesha Karim, UK Youth Commissioner, who warned us of the Youth Team’s selfie frame and that we may remember none of this by Monday.

Finally, Carl Hankinson, UK Chief Commissioner, took to the stage, who thanked us all for what we do before declaring Reunion open!