The UK Contingent were delighted at the turnout of their reception yesterday afternoon, with over 200 unit leaders, IST and even alumni from the 1991 Korean World Scout Jamboree attending. It was a great opportunity for attendees to meet up, helping to form a strong team to attend the jamboree a mere 333 days later. As UK contingent leader Liz Walker said, “whether you’re alumni, IST, unit leaders… whatever your part in all this, we are a team. And I think at each step of this journey we can work hand in hand to deliver our dream, but more importantly their dreams. As after all, dreams only come true when we come together.”

One of the big themes for the meeting was facilitating the “unique opportunities that the jamboree has for young people” especially for those who aren’t able to attend the event in person. “We want to make sure that this isn’t just about people going to the jamboree, it’s about adding a global flavour to their Scouting.”

As a part of this initiative, the team is creating pre-planned sessions, which are posted online every few weeks. The team are also planning an event called Dream:LIVE on the 6th August 2023 – an online event being run straight from Korea. It can be done individually or with groups. So be sure to follow the UK Contingent on social media for more information!