In recent years there has been a lot of pressure in the wider world to make everything inclusive and accessible. We know that Scouting has long met this challenge offering a safe space for every member and volunteer to meet their potential and be engaged with the movement.
The Brunch Reception on the Buffalo Lawn was hosted by the UK Inclusion Team with FLAGS SASU as their guest of honour.
FLAGS not only offers a fellowship group for members of the LGBTQ community and allies but also encourages education on LGBTQ related issues. Offering support on inclusion and resources to share with youth sections. FLAGS has also been the catalyst behind The Scouts attending Pride marches up and down the country.
Jake Orros, National Inclusion Team Manager, spoke to us about the reception. “It was amazing, we had over 100 people to Brunch this morning. It made it a really special celebration. I thanked everyone for coming and shared something of the journey FLAGS and The Scouts have been on. We attended our first pride in 2009 and year on year that has grown. This year we will attend 17 different pride events. We don’t just march, we run activity zones and family areas too.”
Don’t forget if you have any questions or concerns contact the HQ Inclusion Team.