A true menagerie of creatures came out of the gutters for the traditional Saturday night campfire this year. From flies to penguins and even the occasional brontosaurus (with a swishy tail) it was certainly a night to remember.

Of course, we weren’t alone around the campfire circle, with thousands of viewers from across the world joining us for the night through the power of the internet as we climbed onto pirate ships, yodelled like Austrians and conducted our barnyard orchestra.

As the night drew in, our gibberish took to new heights with a chorus of Ging Gang Googlie, before taking a chance to think about the good times – and the not so good times – through the Scouting (or Guiding) Spirit.

Rounding out the evening, Gill Clay took to the firelight to lead us through her rendition of Walk in the Light, as she reminisced on her time in Africa, waving the African guides off as they bundled onto a truck to summer camp.