Working away quietly, unacknowledged by many visitors to Gilwell Park but essential to all those who know him, Asa leaves Scout Adventures on Monday for new adventures.

After 17 and a half years as Head of Scout Adventures, and Scout Activity Centres before, Asa moves on but is not lost to Scouting. As Quarter Master at his local group and father to two young people in the movement, Asa will be kept busy in scouting.

There have been many highlights over the years from his eldest taking their first steps on The Training Ground, to the 3am hot chocolate runs into London during Operation Feather. Asa has also been involved in various interesting media calls over the years from arranging BBC breakfast on the climbing wall and offering a certain future King the opportunity to drive a mini digger!  

“In honesty, it’s the people who make Gilwell Park. Our international volunteers are a joy to work with, they bring such enthusiasm to the job”. Gilwell Park Activity Centre has a staff of around 11 and is supported by around 60 international scouting volunteers, who are trained up through a programme developed by Asa and his team, to provide the activities at the activity centre.

Gilwell will always hold a special place for Asa and his family. “We are all custodians of this place. I like to think of BP’s quote about leaving something better than you found it”